10 Cheap Romantic Date Ideas

There is nothing more fun than spending time with someone that you really like. There is also nothing worse than feeling like you can’t do something that you want to do with them because you are lacking in funds. That shouldn’t stop you! There are plenty cheap romantic date ideas that you can utilize.

Build a Fire


Building a fire is free and super romantic. All you need is some wood, kindling,a pit and a fire starter with a blanket in front and you are set for a night of romance.

Netflix Night


A Netflix night is one of the go-to cheap dates that is always a good one. Picking out the movie together is fun and you get to cuddle up on the couch if you pick a scary one.

Go to a Local Lake or Water Spot at Sunset


This is always a winner. Going to a local spot with water, whether it be a river, ocean,lake or a pond, you come off being romantic to your date for being traditional and sweet. You can bring a blanket and a bottle of wine to drink while you watch the sunset with a Bluetooth speaker and your phone’s playing your favorite songs.

Coffee House Concert


Cheap romantic date ideas like going to a coffeehouse with live music and drinks can be a lot of fun. You can both get a fancy caffeine filled drink for less than ten bucks and enjoy the show. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a good time at a coffeehouse.

Mini Golf


Mini golf is one of the classic cheap date ideas. You get to chat the entire evening while you put around the course. It doesn’t cost much at all and leaves plenty of laughs for both of you.

Learn to play pool

Happy embraced couple playing billiard in a pool hall.

Pool is super cheap and you can go to any bar and play for like a dollar. You can bar hop and do it and if you know how you always have something to do anywhere. Playing darts or horseshoes is also another activity you can do most places.



There is a misconception that bingo is boring or for older people. The truth is it is an incredibly good night out where you can win some stuff and Bingo addicts are incredibly entertaining. You can get a few hours in for very cheap and get many laughs in the process.

Ice Skating or Roller Skating


Remember how much fun it was as a kid to go skating? Both roller skating and ice-skating are incredible exercise and if you have the skates are free to roller skate or rollerblade down the street or cost very little to rent skates at a ice rink. It is a classic romantic date that will bring you closer.



Bring your backpack, hiking shoes and a bottle of water and take off on and ventur Bring your backpack, hiking shoes and a bottle of water and take off on an adventure together. Go to a state park or a national Park and sometimes it is free to get in and park sometimes it’s a couple bucks for a car. You get exercise as well as spending quality time together talking. You really get to know somebody when you are in the word you get exercise as well as spending quality time together talking. You really get to know somebody when you are in the woods.

Go to a local sporting event


This is a great idea and support your local community. You get to see an event and cheer on your favorite local team while spending time together. What could be better?

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