10 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Do you feel your relationship free-falling to its death? Sometimes, it is difficult to see the signs that it is already over. How do you know if your love life is inching closer to the edge and ready to fall apart? Sometimes you experience the state of being dissatisfied and unhappy with your partner and you don’t understand and can’t figure things out. Perhaps, you keep asking yourself if your love life is already doomed. Although, signs are clear, but one does not stop when the other has not said the two words: “It’s over!”

Here are the 10 signs that your relationship is over:

1. Distance – Remember the times when you and your partner used to be very attentive? When you both call each other multiple times to check if your partner is doing fine, quickly replies to the text messages, do a video call. How about now, do you and your partner still do that? Does one still initiate the calling, texting, planning out the dates? Or if both of you stopped doing it, then it is one clear sign that you and your partner does not care the way you did anymore.

2. No Direction – When one of you do not longer talk about where your relationship is going. No more plans and each of you is just waiting for the other to plan something out. You already stopped about planning for the future, and if your partner does the same, perhaps, you are showing each other that you are done even without actually saying it.

3. It’s Boring – Remember when both of you were head over heels in love with each other? Where does that go? Of course, nobody plans about falling out of love. But then you wake up one day and realized that you already lost your interest with your other half and you already find it boring when you and your partner spend time together.

4. No More Respect – Everyone deserves it. Your partner should be the one that lifts you up, but when one of you start putting the other down then maybe it’s time to go. When you or your partner can’t give the respect to each other anymore, then that’s another good sign your relationship is not going somewhere.

5. Emotionally Disconnected – Of course, relationship has ups and downs. It is a roller coaster that both of you must enjoy riding. But when one of you does not make any effort to improve things, then one cannot save it alone. If one stops giving a damn and keeps looking for the exit door, perhaps, it is another sign that it is going to be over.

6. Forgets Everything – Do you still remember your partner’s birthday or your anniversary? Or you find yourself reminding your partner about the important events in your life? When someone does not value anymore the important details about your life and the important dates about your relationship because your partner forgot about it then maybe it’s time to forget about them too.

7. Happy Fantasies – When you fantasize being the happiest person but not with your partner anymore, or fantasizing being happy alone because you are already tired of being with your partner. Or does your partner feels happier being with anyone else than being with you? Then maybe it is time for the both of you to search for that happiness you feel you deserve.

8. World War – Does being with your partner feel like you are fighting a war in your own life? Although, fighting with your partner is a sign that you still want to be with them. But remember the fine line between healthy fighting and fighting constantly with no resolution.

9. You Don’t Care about Fixing Problems – Although you and your partner

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