2 Top Iphone Games By Machine Zone

iPhone Apps To Try by Machine Zone

The IPhone has so many gaming apps that it can make it hard to pick which ones out to try. It all depends on your preferences and how much time you want to invest in a game. Some require a lot of maintenance while others you can leave them and check back later.

Game of War

Game of War is a multiplayer war game. It starts out with a the main guide character, Athena explaining how to build your kingdom. You start out with plots for farms, stone mines, ore fields and wood. If you build ten of each and destroy them, you get a bonus of around 50,000 power. The power number is what shows how good you are in this game. The game is separated into many different kingdoms. There are new ones built each day as the game gains popularity every day. Each kingdom has a forest with a wonder. The wonder controls the taxes of the kingdom. If you conquer the wonder, each alliance in your kingdom has to pay you a ten percent tax of the leader of that alliance’s silver each day.

In this game, you train different levels of troops that you have to research in order to qualify to train them. This takes different amounts of research prior in order to unlock that specific research. There is different solo player as well as alliance events in order to gain speed ups and gold. This allows you to complete actions in the game much faster. You can also craft various hero gear that makes you stronger in battle as well as training, research, building times and defense. You can also join an alliance to get help on building and research times. There is also gifts from alliance members from winning events and buying gold packs. They vary from price from $4.99-$99.99. At the beginning of the game they offer you amazing deals in order to get your kingdom started. As you order them, they make your alliance gift level higher. This makes the quality of them significantly better. Joining an alliance with a high gift level, can save you money by surviving on your alliance gifts. Some people don’t spend any money and advance throughout the game this way. It is one of the more time consuming games on the App Store. It is also one of the most detailed as the game has been out a few years and the manufacturer is constantly adding new features. Machine Zone has maintained this game quite well in terms of keeping up on requests from players on what items and events they want in the game.


Mobile Strike

Game of War was so hugely popular that the developers created a new game, Mobile Strike. They used Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote the game. Instead of kingdoms, the map is filled with a giant military base. The concept is very close to the same however. You can choose where you live on the map. Players usually create clusters with everyone in the alliance living in the same spot. This allows you to trade resources fast. The downside is if a large player wants to, he can hit you all in succession and wipe out all the resources, troops and silver that your entire alliance has. You can get a shield that lasts anywhere from 8 hours to 30 days if you do not want to get hit at all. This will allow you to save resources and grow faster as well as hold other alliance members resources and troops. The troop levels, objective, events and goals are very close to Game of War.

Both Games Are Fun For Making Friends and Killing Time

Both Machine Zone Games are great for teenagers all the way up to adults. It is the type of game that is appropriate for all, but does take strategy and patience.

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