Wow… Kris was all the rage only a few months ago, on top of the world and married to the world’s most beautiful woman. And it seems that Kim Kardashian has developed quite the following of Knicks and Nets fans, because when Kris Humphries was subbed in to the game… well, people weren’t very welcoming.

Kris, who, as we all know, is in the process of getting a divorce from reality powerhouse Kim Kardashian. He has just been signed with The Nets as a free agent and this was his first game back. But when he ran onto the court at Madison Square Garden, he was met with the deafening boos of tens of thousands of outraged fans, but… fans of whom?

I suppose the question is: are the fans pissed about the Kim sitch or because The Nets signed Kris back on? He just signed back with The Nets this week for a year long contract at $8 million; so, I guess… he really doesn’t need anyone’s approval, does he?



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