A Birth Control For More Women

Skyla, Birth Control For the Modern Woman

Birth control can be complicated. Getting different pills, creams, inserts, shots and devices just so you can enjoy sex with your partner safely. In a committed monogamous relationship where you have both been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, you may choose to move past using condoms into other forms of preventing pregnancy. There are many methods so be sure to understand the risks and complications of each one before you try them. In the last few years a new birth control was introduced. Skyla, a new intrauterine device has come on the market, making it possible for women who haven’t given birth yet, to get an IUD.

What is an IUD?

An IUD is a tiny t-shaped device that goes inside your uterus during a visit to your family planning clinic. It is able to be done during a routine visit and does not require extensive surgery or downtime. It only takes a few minutes and once you get it set inside, you have continuous effective pregnancy prevention. It is 99 percent effective for up to 3 years in preventing pregnancy. Spotting can happen shortly after or during placement. It releases a low dose continual stream of hormones. This estrogen free method used the drug progestin to thicken the cervical mucus. This makes sperm unable to swim effectively towards the egg to implant. It also thins the uterine lining and reduces the chances for sperm to survive the entire trip to the Fallopian tubes into the uterus with so many obstacles along the way. Added up it’s a very effective pregnancy prevention method.

Benefits and Risks

Some women experience a little pain during the placement of the device. If it’s an extreme amount of pain that doesn’t go away, then contact your doctor. Always return within a month to your clinic to make sure the device is fitted properly and there are no dangerous side effects. Do monthly self checks that your provider will teach you how to do, to make sure that it is correctly in place. There is no daily pills, refills and visits to the pharmacy which is extremely convenient. It is only 1.18” in size and is completely reversible if you want to try for a child. You just go to your doctor and have them remove it. You can get pregnant as soon as you choose to once it’s out. The progestin doesn’t last long once the drug stops being administered. The device is not a scary metal one like the ones you may have seen advertised prior to Skyla, it is made of soft, nontoxic and flexible plastic so you can put your mind at ease.

Can be Used by More Women

One of the best benefits to this specific intra uterine device is that it doesn’t matter if you have had a child yet or not. Most FDA approved IUDs require that you have given birth to be a candidate. This allows much more of the population to have access to such an Skyla is FDA-approved and can be used whether or not you have had a child. It is available by prescription only. You can still wear tampons during a period because it is inserted in your uterus and not the vagina. You and your partner should not feel it during sex either.

In about 3 percent of women, it may come out. If you suspect this has happened, use a backup method of birth control until you can see your doctor to reinsert it. This is a great form of pregnancy prevention but before using any medication or medical device,read the entire prescribing information of possible side effects and talk to a qualified specialist.

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