A Phenomenal GPS – Base Mobile Game Actually Has A Health Benefits

I was born in late 90’s, where everybody loves to go out and play on the streets not minding the dirt and sweat. Up until years gone by, and kids are nowhere but locked up in their room drawn into a virtual world of high-tech gadgets. Gone were the days when kids share real life struggles and laughter’s just simple toys and games.

But that was before John Hanke finished creating the biggest mobile game phenomenon of 2016. In partnership with Google and Nintendo, John had successfully launched a game that has twisted how the virtual world brought to kids gaming habit of today. This overnight success is a 20 – year project in the making. Who would have thought of making an April fool’s day joke into a reality? Well, guess what, John Hanke did!

Now, everybody is singing one of the famous 90’s cartoon theme song again. There are even millions of people downloading this game app, and the numbers are still counting! I guess you know very well what game app I am talking about. Yes, got it right! The Pokemon Go!

This phenomenal GPS-base amplified reality game does not only bring enjoyment to its gamers, but it provides positive health benefits. It seems that this game quest to “gotta catch ‘em all” is great news for the public health.

What are these advantages? And how does Pokemon provide it? Let us check this out!

1. Gamers or the Pokemon Trainers as they tagged it, can do exercise by playing the game. Upon downloading the game app in your smartphones, trainers should move and walk around to progress in the match. They should go to poke stops where Poke Balls and Poke Items are to be collected. To catch Pokemon, hatch poke eggs and arrive in poke stops, trainers should do the walking, well, probably a lot of walking. Say, a trainer needs to hatch an egg; he needs to go 6 miles to do this.


2. Most Pokemon trainers venture into finding Pokemon together and most of the time gathers on poke stops. Can you see the healthy sense of community in theirs? A big yes of course. Trainers do not only stop and catch or collect Pokemon and poke balls at poke stops they talk to co-trainers and exchange experiences and techniques. This way Pokemon Go is bringing people together, it gives a total opportunity of social collaboration and progresses person’s sense of belongingness. This conveys a positive impression into people’s emotional and mental health.


3. Pokemon trainers can also discover not only other abilities and variation of character designs of Pokemon throughout their Pokemon go a journey. But they can also come and explore their locality at most. There may be some spots and areas on their neighbourhood that they have not explored yet. And playing this game let them discover such places. This is such an amazing experience of pure fun with a healthy community while exploring a desirable neighbourhood of your own.


Moreover, there are some things that you should abide while playing this game app. You should never go driving while playing the game, avoid dark and isolated places. Always observe the best practices in mind and be safe.

Are you one of the millions of people out there who are hooked on the Pokemon Go game? Share your experience and the health benefit it provides you. And hope you’ll gonna catch ém all!

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