Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater was filled with dancing Michael Jackson fans on Tuesday to commemorate his life.  Among the crowd of revelers was Rev. Al Sharpton, civil rights advocate and friend of Michael, who was so moved by the joyous outpouring that he started to shuck and jive on stage.  Before getting caught up in the spirit, he said to the crowd, “He’s bad, he’s our brother, he’s our friend.  Let’s love Michael today.”

From the way he was grinding on that lady on stage, it looks like Al was trying to get some ‘love’ for himself.  Sometimes the best way to grieve is by getting freaky in the sack.  The living have to keep on living, don’t they?

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5 thoughts on “Al Sharpton gets down at Apollo MJ tribute

  1. linda says:

    I have seen Mr. Sharpton dance before at a Christmas party for the Harlem community and he is not trying to “get some love”. He just likes to relate to his people on a more personal level. They love it when they can see a famous person act real. Plus he can dance! He is a very nice, sincere person. By the way, I believe he gets his “love” through helping his people and his family. News reporters it is your job to print the truth not speculate and opinionate. Whatever happened to real newscasting. Oh, I forgot this is gossip!

    • DIVA CM says:

      I agree fully. If the good Rev. is light on his feet and feeling the rhythm what’s wrong with him gettin’ his dance on. You hater’s only making his light shine that much brighter so do what you do.

  2. Playa says:

    typical negrpoid gorrila air humping a ho for the entertainment of the masses. someone get a rope and give this boy what he should have had decades ago.


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