21 thoughts on “Alexis Dziena nude scene in Broken Flowers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course you are not naturally hairless but you could probably keep a guy longer if you cleaned it up. It is a flavor saver you know.

  2. mike-oxlong says:

    i agree..hairy is crap..70s porn is long gone..all that hair just tastes of piss anyway…shave it off girls…smooth is way cooler.

  3. Chris D says:

    I like women with hair down there. I think it is quite creepy–the obsession with bald female genitals. To me, it seems like a pedophile-ish fascination. Give me a woman with hair.

  4. Ivelino says:

    I am totaly agree! It is erotic to watching woman with cute bush down there instead bold crotch. After all female genetal are more comely when they are hidden. And it is a little inartistic to observe them exposed with their details. And it is natural for each mature woman to have hair there so ….

  5. roscoe jenkins says:

    bill should have got up followed her and helped her shave that 70s beaver and fucked her hard doggy style and creamed all over that freshly shaven pussy of hers

  6. umm says:

    lol now now not all bushes are bad a nice redbush is good laura prepron or the redhead from hung! good stuff if its red its see threw haha


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