There is nothing more annoying to a commoner than the royal class giving each other high fives and golden statues. With that bit of bitterness out of the way, we have to report on award shows so we find the aspects we know will appeal to our loyal readership. We must say, we don’t remember the last time we saw such a breasticle at an award event like we did last night at the 2010 Golden Globes. From Christina Hendricks sending her ham hammock to the emergency room to Mariah Carey’s gigantanormous MiMis, it was almost enough to make a guy watch the gala…almost. Actually, it’s better to spare yourselves and get the cliff’s notes right here…..enjoy.

here’s our Golden Globe awards

best rack-Christina Hendricks

best supporting bra-stress- Mariah Carey

best drama pokies- Nicole Kidman

best special effects- Christina Aguilera

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