Have we found the new Lindsay Lohan? I think so, only this one might be worse. Amanda Bynes obviously has a drinking/partying problem and someone needs to come in and save this girl. We would be making fun of her right now. Her horrible slutty outfits, her horrible driving and weird looking hair. But sometimes it just gets sad, and this is one of those times.

Amanda was out clubbing again last night in Hollywood for the 2nd time since she was arrested for DUI. Cameras caught her texting behind the wheel and at one point she backed over a curb in a red zone. She managed to finally park the car “safely” after several failed attempts. She was seen going in Greystone, which is the same place TMZ caught her getting behind the wheel while intoxicated back in March.

Let’s just hope she realizes she needs help. It just goes to show you that people in Hollywood do not have that many “true” friends. True friends would have stepped in weeks ago and made her get help.

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