Hey, remember that butterface Bikini Girl from auditions of this year’s American Idol? Yeah, we barely remember her either.  Her name is Katrina Darrell and she was – surprise! – wearing her bikini when some paparazzi started taking pictures of her on a California beach.  Must have been a really slow day for snapping stars if this is the best they can do.

Bikini Girl soaked up the attention as readily as she soaked up the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Does she really think anyone in America cares who she is?  Will she make a play to stretch her 15 minutes of infamy into a pseudo-career of staged bikini-related sightings?  Hey, if it worked for Heidi and Spencer, maybe she has a shot…

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One thought on “American Idol's Bikini Girl is like a tanline that won't fade away


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