So, I have been seeing a lot of Amy Childs recently and that is mostly because she has been out and about showing off her puppies. In almost every picture her breasts are popping out of her shirt. I finally had to make a post about it and share with you some of her best pictures from the past few weeks.

Amy Childs is an English Model/Reality stay for those who don’t know. Although, we all know she is really famous because of her big boobs. I mean her talent is walking…that is what she does. She walks down the street and lets her breasts do the talking.

Her breasts are so engaging that I didn’t notice how unattractive her face was ‘til about ten pictures in. Don’t get me wrong, I would still like to cash in my ticket for a ride on the fun bags, but I wouldn’t brag to my friends about it. I’d be kind of ashamed and would probably just end up crying in my shower, just thinking about what I did. I would be ruined for the rest of my life; I would never be able to look at watermelons again. Shit, I can’t handle all this pressure.

Enjoy the pictures below.

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