Here’s Amy Winehouse looking like a hairy but chesty Thai tranny hooker trying to convince tourists to spare their cash in return for a hefty dose of gift-wrapped STDs.

After her new boobs almost exploded on national TV (while appearing on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing for which she got the boob job to begin with) and she had to be rushed to the hospital, Wino was back on the streets displaying her inflatables like a new mama showing off her cubs. After all, she did pay over $50,000 for them (she had them specially ordered with a zipper and a small empty compartment in the silicone bag so she could stash her coke before passing through an airport security checks).

Problem is now she has two reasons to topple over (boobs first, teeth second): booze and upper deck gravity.


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5 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse flashes her new 32D boobs

  1. Jess Hicks says:

    I suspect the zipper would set off the alarms so maybe she’ll need an upgrade to plastic poppers?.

    One other reason might be the coke (never worked out how they carry the bottles (only joking)!

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