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Downtown Mafia

We have no shortage of iPhone and Android games that we can play. App trailers have become hugely popular in the last few years with commercials being shown everywhere from television to ads when you browse webpages. They are as popular as trailers for major motion pictures. The marketing for apps has become a phenomenon. There are still a lot of apps that came out before the big boom in promoting them that you may not have heard of. One of these games is Downtown Mafia by DynamicNext.

An interactive Journey from Gangsta to OG

In the game you start out as a level 0. They don’t start you out with much, but you can go to “The Don” and get a few free diamonds to get you started. They give you ten for playing and you can get more looking for a free redemption code for 100 diamonds on the Facebook page. There is a link. You can also get diamonds for getting to level 5 in their other game “Battle Cry.” Look through the offers and get what you can. First time buyers can also get the incredible deal of buying any pack, even the 99 cent one, and getting 1000 free diamonds. This will get you a few mercenaries or special weapons to make you stronger. It is the best way to invest your diamonds.

You should stay at level 0-1 for a few days. Post your code to other people to gain mobsters for your crew. You need 5 additional “mobs” for each level. Getting ahead on this will put you in a good position for many objectives in the game. You also get gifts from other mobsters. 5 a day, of casino chips which give you money, cash, energy or stamina. You get skill points from missions, leveling, attacking bosses and reaching goals. You can put them in one of 5 places, energy, stamina, attack, defense and health. It takes two skill points to add one point to energy. This is what allows you to hit other players and bosses. How you spend your points is up to you. Too much health is unnecessary so focus on attack, energy, stamina then defense, unless you want to be a defense player. Stamina allows you to complete missions and assignments. These give you great rewards. You need enough to cover the jobs but it refills so don’t spend an enormous amount of your skill points on it.

Bosses also give you incentives to attack them. After 21 successful attacks, you get them as a crew member and they come with a lot of extra mobsters that you can’t acquire elsewhere. Relax and build income for a week, then level up doing bosses and missions. Attacking too much off fighting from the fight list wastes energy and levels you too fast. Save fights for level 25 when you can do tournaments. Do as many missions, assignments and bosses as you can before then.

At level 25, you can join a gang. This is where you battle other players and get tournament points for doing it. The weekends always have a tourney and have different levels of prizes depending on your gang respect level. The higher level gang that you join, the larger the cash prizes you can get. You can also take control of turfs and operations, which yield hourly income for the operator and entire gang. Your gang can also join a top ten cartel for even more money. Make billions each weekend in gaming cash to build your character. The world is yours on Downtown Mafia.

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