Whenever we hear about Angelina Jolie, it’s normally about the good, humanitarian and philanthropic things she’s done, making her out to be this wonderful, giving, and loving woman. Well, it seems Ms. Jolie isn’t as kind as we may think. Case in point — the private jet incident…

George Clooney, together with his bombshell girlfriend of six months Stacy Keibler, hitched a ride on Brad and Angelina’s private jet  from L.A. to the Palm Springs International Film Festival in  California on January 7th. But, even though it was only the four of them… the ride was quite turbulent — and not from the freezing air at 35,000 feet, but from the frigid air inside the luxurious craft.

A source close to the couples said this: ‘Angelina refused to acknowledge that Stacy was even on the plane… Angelina went out of her way to ignore her, from takeoff to landing. She  would not even look Stacy’s way. She was not having it!’

Hmm… Angelina’s snobbery was probably due to one of two reasons. #1 — Angelina even admitted herself to Marie Claire mag back in December that she didn’t really have any female friends. Maybe she just doesn’t know how to talk to chicks… or, maybe she’s just a bitch. Who knows? Possible reason #2 — she was planning on getting freaky with Brad and her plans were ruined when George and Stacy tagged along. We all know that Angelina is a freak in the sheets, so it wouldn’t be doubtful if that was the reason. ;D

Whatever her snobbish reasons were, though, it was still a bitchy thing to do. No bother, though; Angelina’s bombshell sexy… she can do what she want!

Kel Tells is a spunky and sassy twenty-five year old celebrity blogger who wishes to one day be just like Perez Hilton… because she’s a self-proclaimed bitch, just like he is. Kel is an in-your-face celebrity stalker (oops, I meant blogger) who will speak the truth – even if it is a bit harsh. She has attitude and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Kel believes that her readers deserve to know the juicy truth about their favorite and not-so-favorite celebs. She also welcomes comments and criticisms, so make sure and check out her latest posts.

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