Are You in Love or Just Feeling Attached, Too Much?

Love is everything we need. It is the air that we breathe. It is the food we fill our souls. It is basically a necessity more than what our physicality desires. Without love, who knows what will happen?

Well, there are many definitions of love. We experience different forms of love, the love of family, friends, country and the romantic kind of love. Love is everywhere, in which sometimes we mistakenly define it with being attached to some things, to someone. Are you in love for real? Or just basically attached that you are feeling alone and lonely without that someone?

Attachment is being needy, while love is freeing.

Being too much attached to someone is toxic. It is the feeling of not being ok without that someone by your side. You seemed not to live a life you are supposed to without them. You want to have them alone with you and only you, all the time. You feel you are not complete without them in your life.

Love, on the other hand, is letting go of the person when there is a need to let go. You would let the person live their lives even if it meant not being with you. Love is sometimes a realization that you had eventually fallen without any intention to. Falling in love is slow and a delicate phase in someone’s life. Love is accepting and understanding that at some point you have to choose what’s best for the both of you or the other person alone.

Love is hard; attachment is easy.

Attachment is just a mere reflection of one’s self-hatred and low self-esteem. It is clingy, yet there is a definite time to end. Yes, because it is simply like that, a thing that is expected to end. Attachment is being self-centered. We tend to try to keep the person because of the feeling that person brings us. We like how he or she makes us giddy and excited. It is feeding our egos as we feel special, we get attention, we are complimented, we are appreciated, and those are the reasons why we wanted to pursue the relationship. Humans as we are, we need all these. That is why we don’t want these persons away from us. Again, it is not love; it is an attachment. It is easy because it isn’t true. And one of these days, you will just wake up, you are already eyeing for someone else.

Love is very hard. It is an unending compromise. It understands even if you can’t. It accepts even if it’s imaginable. It sees the flaws, but it embraces it, nurtures and grows with it. It understands the whole of the person even if it includes the ugliest parts. It is full of fights, yet you struggle hard just to reconcile. It is a lot of sweat and tears. It is accepting that things are fine even if you are drowning because you know if it is real it will be, in time.

Thus, the attachment has a lot more reason to be with that person and pursue the relationship. Love is utterly unreasonable at all. So, if you are torn between being in love and just being attached, give yourself a break and assess your relationship. Remember, true love never falls off, it may get tired but never bids goodbye, it stays, and it’s forever.

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