Maybe their two high profile relationships have brought them together, because it seems Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna have a special kind of relationship. Maybe all of the talk about Rihanna and Chris Brown rekindling their old tumultuous relationship is just B.S., because Rihanna was spotted at Ashton’s house… until four in the morning!!!

We’ve all been there — tried to sneak out of a house in the early morning hours. Normally, though, we’re hoping not to wake the person we had been sleeping next to. But, in Rihanna’s case, she was trying to sneak away from the eyes of the paparazzi. Unfortunately, she failed.

She was spotted by a photog driving up to Ashton’s pad at about midnight with her security team. The twenty-four year old singing sensation was also caught leaving Ashton’s at nearly four am. Now, Justin Bieber was also seen rolling up to Ashton’s a few days ago, looking to buy Kutcher’s ten million dollar digs. But… isn’t it a wee bit late for Rihanna to be taking a tour of the luxurious bachelor pad? We think so!

But, who knows? Maybe Rihanna is just interested in space travel. It was reported earlier today that Ashton will be the 500th person to go up into space on Virgin Galactic. So, see? That must be it. Rihanna just wanted to hear about his future expedition to the final frontier. Or… maybe he just wanted a piece of Birthday Cake. 😉

Kel Tells is a spunky and sassy twenty-five year old celebrity blogger who wishes to one day be just like Perez Hilton… because she’s a self-proclaimed bitch, just like he is. Kel is an in-your-face celebrity stalker (oops, I meant blogger) who will speak the truth – even if it is a bit harsh. She has attitude and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Kel believes that her readers deserve to know the juicy truth about their favorite and not-so-favorite celebs. She also welcomes comments and criticisms, so make sure and check out her latest posts.

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