At Home Job Opportunities

With the invention of the Internet came a lot of opportunities. There were jobs available for the disabled and other individuals who cannot leave the house to go to work every day.some of them are good job opportunities, while others make money off the scamming of vulnerable individuals. Because this does happen, you have to be careful of what kind of jobs you should take.

Never Send Money Unless….

You have to be careful when a business asks you for an investment. You must do your research. There are some companies that are going to ask you for a start up kit fee. Companies like Avon, Mary Kay And other makeup, diet and various other business ventures frequently need you to invest in some inventory to start up your business. The decision whether you want to send money or not should be based upon the company’s reputation. Ask yourself questions like, have I heard of them? Do I know anyone that has successfully made a living off this company? What does the Better Business Bureau have to say about them? What do the reviews online say about them? These questions will help you research and decide whether it is a good investment or not. If a company that you have never heard of asks you for money to stuff envelopes then it is definitely a scam. Use your judgement.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a legitimate business but you have to be careful as many companies ask you for money to get a list of the mystery shopping companies. Companies like Best Mark and MarketForce are legitimate opportunities. Look for the MPSA or Mystery Shoppers Provider Association to see if the company you are interested in is a member. The companies that are promoted through their website are usually good ones.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is another way you can make some extra money. There is a lot of legitimate survey companies out there but also a lot of scams. SurveySavvy and Swagbucks both pay and are legitimate. You can make money taking surveys but you may have to do a lot of work to qualify for one. They want certain demographics for different products. If you don’t fit in the demographic then you won’t qualify. Also in the beginning of each survey they ask you if you or any family member has ever worked for a list of companies. Always answer no. That will disqualify you right off the bat. It may take a little while but you should find a survey that fits you. Always read every question to its entirety as sometimes they trick you with a question to see if you are reading them. c also don’t click that you like every single thing on the list it looks like you are lying.

Content Writing

There is also money in writing blogs and doing content writing. Sites like Textbroker and BlogMutt pay you to write articles for them. They are usually around 300 to 600 words and an advertisement of sorts for a company with keyword articles. They are articles that you research a topic and work in the specific keywords that they give you. You must have decent punctuation and grammar. Being able to work within deadlines is a must. You can also find ghostwriting and content writing jobs on Freelancer and Upwork as well. Most articles will be published under someone else’s name so if you have a problem with that, then it’s not a good job for you. If you can write articles with a turn around time of a few hours, give content writing a shot.

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