You know, we wouldn’t have bothered posting this Twitter pictures of Aubrey O’Day if it wasn’t for our righteous indignation over a poor animal’s sheer terror when it realized it was going to have the same fate as Pinokio when it was swallowed by the giant whale…just look at the poodle’s eyes, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Aside from the poodle molestation, Aubrey had a fake fight with her fake boobs after which she posted: “What the F*#K is going on with my cleavage tonight! NEXT TIME t-shirt and jeans!”

Now repeat after us: Aubrey O’Day is not a media whore…media whore…media whore…Aubrey O’Day is not fat…fat…fat…fat.

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2 thoughts on “Aubrey O'Day's poodle sucked in by her ass vortex


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