Bad Habits, You Might Have It!

We all have goals. We all have dreams and visions of what we want to become someday. We are dreamers! If you are among those who do not want to sink in the ocean of mediocrity, you must be on the run to finish reading this article.

In a world of ambitious people, we see stories of success, rags to riches, trash to gold, nothing to greatness. And there are those whose dreams remain as vision. You do not wan’t to be a dreamer forever, do you?  You must not. What you must want is to turn those visions into reality.

What separates the two? Actions. And actions are disrupted by some really bad habits. These are traits you don’t even notice and are stopping you so bad in achieving your targets, big or small. Let’s go through the hard-to-admit yet real habits you might have.

It might sound exaggerated but believe me, being aware of these often-ignored habits and deciding on it can change your life.


This one is “almost” natural. We can’t deny this as we may have even been doing it since we were little. We all tend to easily procrastinate. Delay making assignments, wait for a few more minutes before taking a shower, extending a few more hours in bed — it has even became part of many’s everyday lifestyle. Minutes passed because of procrastination are minutes wasted. Time is precious and every second counts. Make use of it and maximize what you can do with it. Squeeze in, get things done, move faster — you cannot want something and wonder why you haven’t achieved it when you are not doing anything to get there fast. Just as they say, ‘you can’t just want it, you have to want it bad’. It is just like when you cannot wait to see your favorite band in concert, you leave the house so early and you get the front row post. Be early, finish tasks, and get the best you can with your every day.

THE PERFECT ONE: Stop waiting!

It is true that it’s ultimately important to know your game. You have to know what is for you and what is not. But you would never know unless you try. There is no perfect chance, perfect opportunity, nor perfect timing. We can never be ready for anything at all. Even if you’ve competed in a competition this year, you may say you’ve seen how it runs, but you can never tell that it would be the same for next year. This year’s eliminated contestant can be next year’s champion. So when there is a chance for a breakthrough, an audition, an exhibit, an open invitation, just grab it. All you can do is cope with the moment and do your best. What’s hard for you to do this season will not be any less hard next season. Take the risk, feel the struggle, improve, and pick today’s lesson. Who knows where this imperfect thing leads you. So stop delaying success by procrastinating and waiting for the perfect timing.

GOAL SETTING: Stop the road trip and go your way!

Stop being overly confident with yourself thinking that you’re always on track and is distraction-proof. You have a dream, you must have a goal — specific goal. Set the thing you want to achieve, aim at your target, work your way to your desired results. We often ignore limits, reminders, and things like that. Go for anything that you think would help you stay on track of where you want to go. We are often pushed by deadlines.

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