Bai Ling is a very pubic animal. This little factoid is on display in Bai’s personal website, where she frequently uploads images snapped with her Blackberry. Of course, most of these images are in various stages on undress around her apartment and hotels, but there is one thing missing….any sign of man meat. It is no breaking news that Bai Ling is an openly sexual individual, so why is she never snapped with a guy? Is she so annoyingly over the top that no man can get to first base without using the bat as a club on the way there? Just a thought.

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4 thoughts on “Bai Ling's Blackberry images scream for the company of a man

  1. Beatster says:

    There’s no room in her life foe anyone except her and her overinflated ego. As well judging by the pictures I would say the evidence laeds to the fact that she’a rug muncher.


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