Bar Rafaeli did a photo shoot with all the guidos of Jersey Shore for the latest issue of Interview and we’re glad to see Leonardo DiCaprio’s refusal to marry her has not pushed her to the edge and made her make stupid career moves like pretending to give Mike The Situation a delicious blow-job. Oh, wait. Anyway, at least it’s nice to see that nice, polite young men who work really hard for a living get to straddle a supermodel as a reward. Now, where are those anti-depressants? No, seriously, we’re Hhhhhappy for them!! (just broke the letter H).

And for those who think these boys are devoid of substance, here’s a few excerpts from the interview (oh,yes, there was an interview as well!!):

Mike The Situation on being worshiped:

“Oh, man, it’s just unbelievable. Everywhere I go, there’s just mass amounts of people. There’s people showing up at airports, wanting autographs, girls, it’s insane. It’s like The Beatles, man. A number of times girls were hysterical. I had a guy faint at one of my appearances in St. Louis. I was taken aback but at the same time flattered. I guess he got a little too excited, which is understandable. When you see The Situation in person, it can startle some people.”

Pauly D on true guidoism:

“A fake guido is a person who’s trying to be something they’re not. A real guido is like myself. I’m not trying to be anybody: I’m trying to be myself. Somebody who’s trying to be something they’re not—you can tell they are just right off the bat. Just because they’re trying to be somebody they’re not. You can tell in the club and stuff.”

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