Ben & Jerry’s has jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon with their brand new flavor of ice-cream, “Taste  the Lin-Sanity”.  It’s a blend of vanilla frozen yogurt, lychee honey and, wait for it… fortune cookies. Who knew ice-cream with a dash of racism could taste soooooo good?  What’s next?  Kobe Bryant inspired Watermelon Slam?  Or Oscar De La Hoya Tortilla Punch?  Why not Barrocky Road in honor of our President and his white grandmother?  Racism in advertising is nothing new but damn, it’s 2012!  Remember when Eskimo Pie’s had a picture of a little eskimo on it? Remember Frito’s corn chips and their broken english speaking mascot, ‘Bandito’?  Remember Aunt Jamaima?  Crazy Horse Malt Liquor?  How could it not occur to them that people would find this racist?  You would think they would be a little more careful since their “Schweddy Balls” incident.  Did the ‘Chink In The Armor’ guy from ESPN get a job in Ice Cream???  I’m glad in todays job market he was able to find work again so quickly!  Well I’m going to dive into a pint of Chinky Chocolate with my chopsticks and watch me some Bruce Lee movies,… dubbed in espanol of course.


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