That’s it. We need Jack Bauer to discover the neurological pathogen that terrorists have released in Hollywood because it’s turning actors’s brains into gravy. This video is long, but trust us, watching Billy Bob Thorton’s paralyzed brain trying to put together sensory data and respond to it is absolutely hilarious. Thirteen minutes of getting interviewed about his band and his music and all we learn is that he knows nothing…and that he likes monsters…enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “Billy Bob Thorton is “Joaquin Phoenix” weird on QTV

  1. Gabe C says:

    what a goof……..his head is too big for his little skinny neck…..i can’t believe it……he no talent in music so stop the whining and crying……be a professional…fag lol…..its no wonder Angelina dumped your ass

  2. marcel says:

    Billy Bob is great. I loved the way he put down that pompous ass canadian. “Mashed ptatoes without gravy” what a great description of canada. hahaha

  3. Chad says:

    I would have just avoided interviewing Billy Bob and stuck with the other members. Ob viously, he did not want to talk because he is trying to be a serious artist.

    Personally, I think after this whole debacle he realized he screwed up.

  4. Mongobongo says:

    It’s obvious that Billy wanted the attention on the band, his music with the band and their project…and not on his acting, and he’s probably extremely sick and tired of the focus being on him and his acting, and not on the band.


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