Welcome to the BOOTY edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly — The Best, Worst, and Fugliest Butts of the Last Decade!!! Oh, do I have a treat in store for you today! Going back the last decade or so, I have collected pics of the nicest asses, the worst booties, and the fucking ugliest butts I could find — all from celebrities, of course! So, without further ado, (because I know you’re as excited as I am) let’s get to the booties!!!


The Good —


Kate Upton definitely gets my vote for a ‘Good Ass of the Decade!’ She is stunning; it’s as simple as that!




Nikki Grahame is GOOD and pissed off here! I know nothing of the surrounding circumstances of the Big Brother cast member’s exposure — but, hey! — she’s got a good bum!

Though I have absolutely no clue who this chick Jordan is (probably some damn reality show bitch) and though her face is ugly and plastic, I’ve gotta give it to her — she’s got one lush derrière!

Nicole Scherzinger, even though I sometimes cannot stand your BS on the X Factor, you’ve got one scrumptious arse! Painted or not…

OMG — Brooklyn Decker’s rump is one that is totally biteable in my opinion! Get it girl, and eat some collard greens!

I had to do it! Brad Pitt totally deserves a spot on the Yummiest Butts of the Decade list… and boy is it a yummy one, indeed…

Alicia Duval… you’re bum is totally fan-fucking-tastic! The accidental yummy butt shots are always the best, aren’t they?


The Bad


Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. Girl, your butt is atrocious!!! Period, point-blank! If you can sport some fur, then you can go get a butt job!


Wow. For you to have picked that wedgie in public like that, Victoria Silvstedt, it must have been a monster!! Normally, even though she’s plastic as hell, she still rocks it. And even though she’s bangin from the front… girl’s havin’ issues in the back.




Pete Wentz, I like your hair, dude, but I’m not diggin’ the boxers-out look. Um, no!



Can you believe this is Katherine Heigl’s ass? I couldn’t… Sad, just sad…


Wow… Helen Hunt. Another shockingly grotesque backside.




Jennifer Love-Hewitt. I don’t have much to say about this one. Heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking…



Can you believe this is Britney Spear’s booty??? I couldn’t. Question, though: Where in the hell was she that she got a sunburn on her ass??? Please be a tanning bed, please be a tanning bed.




The Fugly



Serena Williams. Okay, athletic is one thing. This… thing on the back of her is quite another. YUCK!!!


Guess who this nasty ass belongs to? You’ll never guess, so don’t even try! Why? Because, it’s Kirsten thought-she-was-hot-till-I-saw-her-ass Dunst!



I’m sorry Coco fans, but THIS. IS. FUGLY! ‘Nuff said.






Looks like Tara Reid’s got more than one fucked up plastic surgery job on her body. Well, I’m hoping this is due to a botched plastic surgery, because if not…. well, ew…


And for the last Fugly of the day, you’ve got the woman who used to be the hottest woman in the world. Can you guess who it is? Pamela friggin’ Anderson!!!! Yeah… raunchy, huh?



If you don’t believe me that these bad and fugly asses are the real celebs, check out the frontal shots in the gallery below. Trust me, you’ll be able to tell that they are, indeed, celebs. I hope you enjoyed the The Booty Edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly! Join me tomorrow for more madness…






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