She may be a bit crazy, she may not be able to dance anymore, hell, she can’t even sing a single song during her Circus tour…but one thing, sorry, two things that aren’t fake about Britney Spears have been released for the world to see. During the video shoot for Gimme More, Britney was snapped topless with only a couple of fake tattoos to cover up….and they don’t cover up much. Lucky for us.

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58 thoughts on “Britney Spears topless photos from Gimme More shoot released

    • stacy says:

      It’s her, she already has admitted to it being her she had a private photographer come in and shoot her for the video and to try and get some press shots for the video. Then after she saw the pics declined against using them. These pics are about a year or more old they were taken during the filming of her gimme more video. And btw yes its about goddamn time we get to see those baby feeders!

  1. My Name says:

    This is not even Brittney Spears. Look at the video and catch some stills of it. Side by side and they don’t even look like each other. FAKE.


  2. metoo says:

    spearsanator says:
    June 7, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Those tats are fake…they are for the video.

    you are right it is indeed her..,for real i checked out her vid for the song and it really is her

  3. Dash171 says:

    All these hatin mother f*ckers need to shut the f*ck up. The bottom line is this:

    #1 She is RICH.
    #2 She is Famous
    #3 Any Guy would LOVE to bang her.
    #4 And that makes all you fat, out of shape Missisippi Sweat Hogs Jealous.

  4. lydia says:

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  5. deezy says:

    i know for a fact that ant her because i have lived by her my whole life in Kentwood , Louisiana . i live 2 blocks from her house . if u want pictures let me know an i will get u what u want

  6. Go Cubs Go! says:

    These are REAL, you can see for yourself if you watch the video for this AWFUL song. It was not so bad while on MUTE. Those are her tits, in all of their imperfect glory. I’d still give her the ol’ motorboat!

  7. Your Name says:

    this is Britney spears. just because this is the first time you’ve seen her topless (its probably isn’t) you may be telling yourself its not really her. but it is. there is no photo-shopping done here and you can tell just from seeing so much of her body over the years i feel like i know it like a boyfriend of hers should know it. which shouldn’t be happening britney… no j/k dont cover it up.

  8. sonicb says:

    Honestly, why is it cool for famous people to want to imitate strippers? Its kinda pathetic that the aspirations of the famous is to appear to be slutty (not that strippers are all slutty)


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