Giving birth is a bitch. Kinda like gravity. As much as we love to see bra-less boobies, we must advise Britney Spears to harness those udders before she trips over them. Britney was snapped with her pulled puppies leaving the Hyatt in Perth, Australia. Speaking of ‘down under,’ another kid and a few more cases of Cheetos and those hooters will be ‘down under’ her belly.

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4 thoughts on “Britney's spears are on the downward trajectory

  1. f-n-h says:

    Although I feel it is below my person to comment on condition of the bosom of a divorced mother of two young boys, from casual examination, I believe her ta-tas to be in marvelous condition. Why must you make me believe horribly wretched things about these berated and bedraggled starlets? Their shabby lives are quite well enough deranged without your exagerrations of failed glory. There’s really no need to exagerrate.


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