Here’s Brooke Burke and her pokies coming out of her hair salon in L.A amidst news she was to screen-test for the co-host position in Dancing With The Stars and honestly, between Samantha Harris’ freaky, veiny biceps and Brooke’s ample D cups the choice is clear. Come to think of it, did they set up a hotline or something for people to call in and cast their vote, because we would sure like to show Brooke our support. After all, this is all about ensuring the new host does the best possible job in reporting how a D-list old geezer just broke his twelfth vertebrae trying to life his partner an inch from the floor…with her breasts…or just plain talking…but preferably with her breasts.

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One thought on “Brooke Burke's nips possibly to co-host Dancing With The Stars

  1. NIck says:

    Nice nips but Burke is one ugly fucking bitch, with her face I’d rather fuck a doberman’s eye socket. Some of the people we choose to glamorize are ugly as fuck.


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