That’s it! We’re moving to New Zealand. And it’s not just because ever since The Lord Of The Rings we’ve been dreaming of running free in its mountains with the goblins. The New Zealanders just get us. Basically having the balls to call Paris Hilton a stupid, vain empty shell but with an uncanny ability to maintain a healthy and relatively disease-free vagina despite frequent hostile penis assaults (ok, maybe we’re paraphrasing…can’t help getting carried away when singing Paris’s praises) and putting it out there for everyone to see is what we call a perfect nation.

Unfortunately Paris is not a fan of the ugly truth, and has threatened legal action against the New Zealand billboard company who suggested she was ‘vacant’ by plastering her face across a roadside sign advertising free billboard space.

The word ‘vacant’ was printed in huge letters across the photo of her partying.

Paris is reportedly fuming and plans to sue Media5 for using her image to advertise billboard space in Wellington, NZ.

Her manager, Jamie Freed, claims the company does not have permission to use the picture and insisted to local media that the star plans to settle the matter in court.

Spokesperson for Media5, Adam McGregor described the advert as ‘a bit of fun’.

‘Paris has a proven ability to laugh at herself,’ he said. ‘We assume that the agency has taken care of the rights to the image of Paris, but we will ask the question. We’re not trying to offend anyone.’

He told a New Zealand newspaper the company was not using Hilton to endorse their billboards.

‘We wanted to draw some attention to some of our unsold display as we expanded, so we briefed a friend who runs his own boutique agency to work up a range of creative concepts. We liked the ones he came up with using high-profile public figures the best because they were fun.

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