Can Military Diet Help You Lose Weight?

canstockphoto203171362-1020x560Admit it, one of the most difficult obstacles in life is losing weight. Whether you’re fit, overweight or just wanting to maintain a certain physical state, following a diet and a routine is proven difficult mentally and physically.

With the various diet fads available today, it is easy to chose which one will work the best for you. But sometimes it’s not the diet that is being an obstacle in losing weight. It’s the discipline involved in faithfully following what the diet dictates to achieve your dream weight that is becoming more of a challenge to overcome. Everyone knows how difficult it is to resist food. So there’s a new trend inspired by an institution less likely known for food fads but rather their inclination for discipline. Some say following the military diet is a sure fire way to lose weight.

Military training requires mastery of discipline in most areas under their turf including food. So some experts believe that following the military’s way of eating, with loads of nutrient but easy on the fattening elements, is sure to help anyone achieve their fitness goals.

So how do military men eat? Simple. Ozock shared a three-day meal plan patterned after how soldiers eat and it can help you lose weight. For breakfast, carbs like toasts and bread, a fruit, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a pick-me-upper drink like coffee and tea are a good combination.

For lunches, it is a bit simple and well, some can even say boring with a set that only requires you to eat tuna, toasts and coffee, the succeeding lunches could be composed one cheese, crackers and your choice of (healthy) drink.

Dinner meals have more texture and choices since the diet recommends eating a certain ounce of meat, beans, banana and yes, you can even eat ice cream! What’s important for dinner is the presence of fruits and vegetables and then you get your rewards in the form of an ice cream.

Some vouch for the efficacy of the military diet. But for those following the three day plan, please do keep in mind that the military diet is linked to rigorous body training and activities. That’s how the soldier boys and girls achieve their lean bodies. So for those following their meal plan, make sure to do your own fair share of exercise for you to see the results.

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