Well, I have never shared this with anyone before, but I cried for a whole week after I learned the X Factor USA fired Cheryl Cole. I cried because I wasn’t going to see her beautiful face every week, I cried because I wouldn’t be able to hear her beautiful voice every week. It was a very sad time for me. Cheryl Cole is probably one of my biggest celebrity crushes. I have such a big crush on her that I can’t even say anything nasty about her, what the fuck is that?

Anyway, the point is that I was very sad. And, now there are reports that the host of X Factor, Steve Jones is not going to come back for a second year. A source told the Daily Mirror…

“Steve keeps saying that living in LA is a dream come true. He loves the weather and the women, and loves working on X Factor – it’s just a shame that the US public has not warmed up to him. He got terrible reviews from critics when he started and things haven’t got better. There have been mistakes and just doesn’t seem to have the knack for dealing with contestants. The executives at Fox have already decided not to renew his contract and so, short of a miracle happening, it is pretty much a done deal that he will not take part next season.”

Wow, they have short leashes over there at Fox, huh? But, I can’t blame them on this one. Steve Jones is like Carson Daly, and that is not a compliment. They are both so dull and douchey. So, I don’t really care at all that he is not coming back. However, I am still not over Cheryl Cole leaving, so maybe they could think about bringing her back and dumping the pussycat.

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