Chinese Heartthrob Taking Over The Rio Olympics

20141016113918394Michale Phelps may have won 19 Olympics medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics but there’s one competition he is clearly not winning, and the that is the race to becoming the hottest athlete and swimmer in the Olympic games.

Twitter is full of messages of admiration pointed towards China’s Ning Zetao. The 23-year old Olympic swimmer is known for having that body of a God. Twitter and other social media sites are freaking out with Zetao’s unbelievable chiseled abs and his adorable face.

At first glance, you wouldn’t thought that Zetao is an athlete because he wittingly posses the charm and stance of a matinee idol or a top model. He got the looks, the height and the smile.

He is winning in the looks game that not many Asian men in the Olympics managed to do. Zetao is finally breaking the stereotype that Asian men aren’t good enough for Hollywood. He might be following the likes of Daniel Henney or John Cho if he decides to launch a career in Hollywood.

But, too much for that Hollywood dream. For now, Zetao is busy with the 2016 Rio Olympic games competing for the men’s 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle.

Zetao’s popularity in Twitter among fans worldwide goes to show that Asian men have what it takes to conquer the International stage, whether in sports or in the movies. For one, Zetao has that Chinese skin glow with almost no visible pore that is becoming the envy even for girls.

He is now very popular that top magazines in the U.S. and the UK are publishing write-ups about the Chinese actor including Just Jared, Daily Mail and Buzz feed. One magazine even reported that he has the Internet “thirsting” over him! While Daily Mail quoted Twitter users that call him “the husband material” and having the most coveted six-pack.

Obviously, Zetoa has got the whole world, smitten. And despite the obvious support of the population to their mother country, Zetoa managed to divide the patriotic pact and successfully created a legion of his own.

His hometown in China also recognized Zetao as the personality of the year in 2015.

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