After months of soul-searching, Chris Brown has turned to YouTube to express his regret for bloodying up girlfriend Rihanna back in February.  Because nothing says ‘manning up’ quite like exposing yourself to the trolls of the Internet, we think Chris might actually be sorry.  But will he be out giving his next girlfriend black eyes or has he really learned his lesson?

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12 thoughts on “Chris Brown is sorry for smacking Rihanna around

  1. Beatster says:

    That’s great Chris. Why don’t you go and ax your Daddy why he wasn’t around in those formative years. I accdept your apology but you shouldn’t apologize to me. Tell it to the woman you kicked the shit out of. Well thanks and we’ll be waiting for your next apology after the next incident.

  2. ! says:

    Chris Brown’s thoughts: I know i gotta make dis video, and sound like I means it but… “DAMN” after what I did to her face ain’t nobody gonna believe me. I could tell em, I wuz a victim, ah. F*ck it my career is over. People gonna hate me no matter wut!

  3. mike says:

    I believe that she should be able to do to him as he did to her. What a useless piece of shit. Cut his balls off and feed it to him cause he aint no man.

  4. Pouchina says:

    yeah right! he’s just doing this for his career. I don’t believe a word of what he said. Chris Brown should not be apologizing to the public, but to Rihanna. We’re not the one he’s been beating for months, who know maybe for years. Now that he got caught he sorry? BULL S**T! Any man who lays hand on a woman is a coward. If he knew that Rihanna could kick his A***S, he wouldn’t beat her or even think about it. It looks like it was not the first time it happened, so do not appologize to us, the public, but to Rihanna. The only way some if us would believe the apology, is if he apologize to Rihanna in public.
    Funny, he did not even apologize to her in the video. All of this is BSfor his career.

  5. Your Name says:

    No doubt what he did was wrong but did you ever stop and think what Rhi. did she didn’t even press charges ova it… And i don’t believe his career should be at stake becuz of it… cuz ultimately whether he is a good person or not tha man can make some music so you can diss him all you want… his career shouldn’t be ova becuz of this… another Whitney and Bobby story 4real… And you know what give him tha benefit of the doubt… maybe he is truley sorry… i mean damn cut my boi a break…


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