16 in Heels

Nicole “COCO” Austin (Ice-T’s wife) took to her Twitter page the other day to show us that perhaps her colossal ass is not the work of evil Yugoslavians (she’s of Yugoslavian descent) planning to dominate the world by giving humanity blackouts every time she passes air (or at the very least creative massive tornadoes that blow up towns), but that working out in pink outfits and stripper heels might have something to do with it. And that’s all we know…because all witnesses attending the gym at the same time fell victims to spontaneous combustion.


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11 thoughts on “Coco blows up gym while attempting power squat

  1. Your Name says:

    Holy mackeral I love big asses but that’s unbelievable. You could seat 3 adults on the edge of that ass. As a matter of fact you could park you BMW for the winter between those cheeks.

  2. Ronald says:

    @thepope: Disgusting. You must be white. I guess only black guys and latino’s can enjoy an ass like that.

    Got to find me a white girl with an ass like that. Where is Coco from? Cause I’n going there.

  3. Randy says:

    She is swelling up in the ass area, beyond reason!!! No white guy can handle that, to much pussy, they’ll damn sure lick it, but you need plenty of root for her!!!!


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