If you follow Coco on twitter you’ll be getting about 50 ass pictures an hour into your feed, and here is just one of yesterday’s which we found very interesting, because it actually looks like she has a huge erect phallus (that’s clever science guy speak for dick) on her back, leading down to her butt which serves as the testicles. From that angle, with that thong, we’re guessing that those photographers can guess what Coco had for dinner last night. Unless that is the point, this could very well just be some artsy colon exam.

It’s actually starting to look like Coco’s ass eats thongs, every time we see a picture of her that gigantic ass is sucking them right up. Speaking of eating, I suddenly have the urge to make honey-glazed chicken breasts for dinner tonight, not sure why.

Anyways this is what Coco tweeted:

Thong Thursday! I thought this was appropriate for today! I don’t think my bikini can get any smaller. LOL http://plixi.com/p/56318226

Via Coco on Twitter

Thong Thursday eh? Guess the rest of Coco’s weekly calendar looks something like this:

Frilly Friday
Shorts Saturday
See Through Sunday
Macrame Monday
Tighty White-y Tuesday
Waspy Wednesday

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