Courtney Love just quit Twitter (again) after her somewhat naked but fully disgusting  photo that she posted to her account was splattered all over the web and mocked by douchebags like me worldwide. Turns out it was only supposed to be a private message to a “boy friend”, but apparently the Twitter Gods were angry that day, and exposed us to their unforgiving wrath.

I’m off twitter, that photo was meant for a boy friend


Poor dude. Right now his buddies are all taunting him relentlessly and with good reason. Also, his wingman has been fired.

At the end of the day heroin junkies should not use twitter to share private photos or information. They will inevitably confuse the private button with the public one. They’ll also confuse the telephone for the cat, the peanut butter for grandmother, and eventually snort Drano® thinking it was a t-bone steak.

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