Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to January 30th’s post of The Daily Fix-ation — where we find two of the hottest hotties of the day — and of course, one that’s more like room temperature — and bring them all to one place for your viewing pleasure! There’s nothing better than sitting back, relaxing, and scrutinizing the TnA of the most bangable babes. So, without further ado, here’s the two sexy hotties and the one ugly body!

Candice Swanepoel — Candice Swanepoel… what can you say, really? This woman is a goddess! Everything about her — from her blonde tresses to her ample badonkadonk — screams SEX… even to a woman like me! We were lucky enough to get a hold of the candids from her St. Bart’s bikini photo shoot… which are always the best. Why, you ask? Because, companies are constantly photoshopping even the slightest imperfections in their models, portraying them to be perfect when we know damn well that they’re not. But, with Candice Swanepoel… yeah, even her candids are perfect, and that’s sayin’ something!

Natalie Velez — Yep, I’ve got no clue who this chick is. But, who cares?! She’s stunningly gorgeous and she’s got the best arse of any Natalie I’ve ever seen! (Case in point: Natalie Nunn… yeah, nuff said.) But, this is one Natalie that I sure don’t mind seeing in the Besame Lingerie line… and I sure do hope we get to see more just like it.

Lara Bingle — It’s really not that twenty-four year old Australian model Lara Bingle has an ugly face, but she does have one ugly body! The pictures of her day at one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches were quite alright… until she decided to sit down… and turn around… and untie the strings of her bikini top. So, to break this down for you: She has a cellulite filled ass, and a belly that would do better in a tankini (or a bulky sweater.) But, what set off my gag reflex was when she decided to untie the strings of her bikini top. What had been a nice, sexy set of perky boobs turned into some saggy balloons filled with lumpy pudding. Yeah… they’re that bad.


Kel Tells is a spunky and sassy twenty-five year old celebrity blogger who wishes to one day be just like Perez Hilton… because she’s a self-proclaimed bitch, just like he is. Kel is an in-your-face celebrity stalker (oops, I meant blogger) who will speak the truth – even if it is a bit harsh. She has attitude and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. Kel believes that her readers deserve to know the juicy truth about their favorite and not-so-favorite celebs. She also welcomes comments and criticisms, so make sure and check out her latest posts.

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