Dangers Of Depression

We all have bouts of sadness and events that trigger uncontrollable misery. When you go through a devastating break up of a long-term relationship or even a short one The pain can be maddening. It can cause you to turn to unhealthy activities to cope like drinking and promiscuous sex. Stress on the job, illness, death or financial burdens can cause even the most sane to throw on a bathrobe, grab a bag of Cheetos and make the couch sofa our residence for awhile. Life event triggered depression is different than clinical depression. A clinical depressive episode must go on for at least 2 weeks in order for it to be diagnosed as such.

One usually has a constant sense of despair and hopelessness. The future feels bleak and full of more misery. Working can be extremely difficult as motivation is null. There is no enjoyment to activities that used to be pleasurable. There is very little interest in sex. Contact with friends and family diminishes. The partner of a depressed individual feels isolated and alone and that the depression was caused by them. They weren’t loving enough or attentive enough and the depression spreads like a plague through the depressed person’s social circle. Clinical depression is a disease that requires treatment. There are many effective manners of relieving symptoms.

There is different medications available to get the depressed individual back on track. These medications are called anti depressants and work by enhancing the serotonin levels in the brain. They allow the brain to heal from the depression until you are relieved of the serious symptoms. Lexapro, Abilify, Wellbutrin and Prozac are some of the antidepressants available on the market. Group therapy, where you talk to other individuals going through the same thing can also be a huge help. Counseling with a qualified therapist also is a part of a successful treatment plan.

Women suffer from depression many times after giving birth. The change in the hormones and expelling the child from the body can cause a drastic change in mood. The chemicals are raging after birth and can wreck havoc on a woman’s brain. It can make even looking at the baby difficult and causes serious attachment issues to the mother. It can make them not care at all about the child. The first few months developmentally are crucial to how a child interacts with others. It can also lead to the mother injuring her baby. Treatment is crucial in post partum depression cases.

Depression can come in episodes or happen only once. It can be inherited or not. One can be going along fine and have a job they like, great relationship and happy kids and no addictions. This person can still become of victim of the trap of depression. Serotonin levels can become deleted in happy people as well. It is a chemical in the brain that regulates how we feel. No socioeconomic status changes that. Many celebrities have become depressed and committed suicide. Robin Williams is the most famous case of how depression can turn deadly. He committed suicide with a very successful comedy career. It came as a shock to the entertainment world to read that he ended his own life. He looked so happy how could it be? Depression can be hidden as it is a historically shameful illness.

People have been locked away in sanitariums for feeling malaise in the past. As a culture we have to view depression as it is, a serious illness like any other and get those afflicted assistance. It is not something that you have to suffer with alone anymore and is nothing to be ashamed of.

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