Her face smeared with blood and contorted in agony, Danielle Lloyd waited for paramedics after being attacked in a West End nightclub, yesterday.

The 25-year-old model needed emergency plastic surgery on her leg after the attack.

Danielle was allegedly assaulted by two women and thrown on to a table of glasses, gashing her leg and turning the Crystal club into a “bloodbath”.

As she lay on the pavement outside, clutching her injured leg, she was cruelly jeered. Her distraught boyfriend, Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara, had to be physically restrained by bouncers.

An onlooker reported to british tabloid The Mirror: “It was horrific – a bloodbath on the dancefloor. Danielle was screaming in panic. There was blood everywhere – on chairs and on legs.

“Some people got a bit lairy and her boyfriend told them to f*** off. He had to be held back.”

Jamie was also left dripping in Danielle’s blood after she was hurled through the glass table— a fight sparked by two girls dancing on the back of a VIP sofa she was sitting on.

A witness of The Sun said: “I think one kicked Danielle — it may have been an accident. She got up to remonstrate. “I saw her in a tangle with at least one other woman. Punches and slaps were being thrown.”

Last night, Danielle’s spokesman said she had stitches on her back. But he added: “The injury to her leg is more serious. Miss Lloyd is having emergency surgery.”

Danielle was pictured leaving hospita on crutches today with her boyfriend and the seriousness of her injuries was clear due to the seepage of blood from her leg wound.

Police arrested and bailed two women on suspicion of assault.

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23 thoughts on “Danielle Lloyd's bloodbath after being attacked by two women

  1. Larry hagler says:

    I wonder if she even feels anything. Like pain? The same kind of pain she put Shilpa in? Great that she now knows how it feels. What goes around , comes around.

    Good! she knows now.

  2. PB says:

    Bullsh*t, you can’t compare what she’s after just going through to the Shilpa Shetty thing, shame on you for even trying!

    • P says:

      If that were true than all she deserved was to be called names, she never beat anyone up or threw them through a glass table! You couldn’t be more wrong, you’re an idiot!!!

  3. MadJock says:

    Yeh she did deserve it, Shilpa did not bring it on but is two faced, but Danielle did fuck up Jades career for a while, and their is no fucking need to be racist, maybe this ill be a shock to the system

  4. DaniSabotaged says:

    As you sow so shall you reap. Past can return horrific events. Dani deserved whatever she did in past with others. Rich bitch like them always get sabotaged. Gratz to those 2 girls for their good deed.

  5. Welch_one says:

    Welch, “sheep Shaagers” I got a bit of advice for you, you pasty skinned greasy hair, need to brush your teeth city dweller…… The welch are the ONLY good thing to come off that Island! A true warrior class, The ONLY people worthy of protecting a monarchy. The ONLY guard to not have lost their protected in over 300 years! Let’s not forget they were also the LAST part of Britania to be conquered and then ONLY because the conqured english cowards chose to betry their own countrymen and fight with the Normans. So aside from a FEW SUPERHOT chica’s “mostly WELCH” Most men prefer sheep to English haggs!

  6. Kevs says:

    people she has said mean things , then all she deserves back its to be called names and insulted not attacked and for the person that thinks this is a photoshop your fucked in the head ur jst jealous that she didnt get bashed enough to get as ugly as u SERIOUSLY put ur self in her position if u called people names would u rather be insulted back or get fuckn ownedd i rest my case

  7. tevo says:

    whoa, all the anger over people NONE of you know. hell i don’t even know who this bitch is. yeah sorry she got hurt. but damn, all the judging, you folks might as well be a god damned jury.

    and fights do happen in clubs, the only thing that makes this big news is cuz she’s got a name. next story


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