Apparently being forced to look at Tori Spelling’s chest hole for all these years has damaged Dean McDermott’s vision, causing blurring and black spots that prevent him from recognizing titis when lurking in the background.

Dean posted what at first glance seemed to be an innocent picture of their 4-year old son, Liam on Twitter Wednesday. If you take a closer look, however, you will notice a pair of frankenstein boobs reclining on a sofa or a bed behind the kid’s head.

McDermott took the picture down after 75,000 of his followers, pointed out they have witnessed a terror that shall haunt them forever but the question remains. What the hell was Tori Spelling doing lying around topless with her kids in the same room? I’m going to go with breast-feeding 4-year olds so I can keep my sanity. In which case, good luck to the therapist that will attempt to erase their adult nightmares in which they forever gaze into a bottomless cannon ball hole which suddenly turns into a hot spring spewing burning milk on their faces. “Come and get your milk, dearies!!!!”

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