Dear Shae, Know any good ass jokes?

– Buttman, Boobman said you could help me out.
Dear Buttman,
I like the moniker Assman over Buttman, BUTT that’s just me.  Since you are a friend of Boobman, how can I refuse?  Here’s are a few from my Seriously FB page.
Dear ladies: If you’re tired of guys staring at your boobs, just turn around. We like ass too.
Call of Duty is great, but I’d much rather play Call of Booty.
Grandma… I know the words are similar but you “butt dialed” me… you didn’t “booty-call” me.
9 out of 10 men prefer a woman with a big butt, the 10th guy just prefers the 9 other men.
“Ladies first.”,  is just a polite way of saying I wanna check out your ass.
My girlfriend answered my booty call last night. God knows what she was doing with her sister’s phone.
Have you ever wondered if the $1 bills in your wallet were ever in a stripper ass?….You’re wondering now.
Oral sex is a lot like smoking a cigarette…the flavor gets stronger the closer you get to the butt.
I love Hungry-Hungry Hippos….What other game lets you slap somthing on the butt to open it’s mouth and swallow balls?   
I love women who have tattoos of a sunrise over their butt-crack…in 40 years it will look like an octopus diving for starfish.
One day my ex-wife asked me if her new jeans made her butt look big.  I said I don’t know, let me jog around back there and check.  Hence the ex-wife.

Have a questions you’d like Shae to answer?





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