Dear Shae,  What makes a good wingman?  My buddies could use some pointers. 

 – Cockblocked


Dear CB,
According to a new study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, good friends will fudge the truth to protect each other.  The key word here is ‘good friends’.  A good wingman should be someone you can trust to have your back always.  Right or wrong, this person will be by your side being right or wrong with you.
1.  Trustworthy – You need to know that this guy is not trying to take a test spin for himself.  You need to know that this guy isn’t going to give you some made up STD while you’re in the restroom just to better his odds.  So it’s best if your wingman is a close friend who will not sell you out for vagina.
2. Clued In – He needs to know what’s going on with you.   He needs to know your signals.  He needs to know when to pour on the charm and when to pull back so you can shine.  A good wingman will always introduce you to the ladies instead of introducing the ladies to you. (John, I’d like you to meet…instead of, Ladies, I’d like you to meet John.) Psychologically this puts the importance on you.  It creates the illusion that you are more important and just from introductions alone you are ahead just a tiny bit. 
3.  Charismatic – He needs to be able to charm the ladies.  If they don’t want to be around him because he’s boring,  then you’re guilty by association.  He shouldn’t be ridiculously charming either, but at bare minimum he should definitely not be shy and be able to keep a conversation going.  If he is funny and can make the ladies laugh, bonus points.  Chances are they will strike up a conversation with you inbetween all the laughter. 
4. If necessary, take one for the team – Most girls that are out and about, usually do so in pairs. The Universe has some unwritten law that when a hot, sexy girl is out with her BFF, her BFF is usually her polar opposite. (oops I meant looks like a polar bear.) RAWR~ At that moment a great wingman should turn into a baby seal and hop right into that polar bears lap and RAWR~ right back.
5. Not So Handsome – Your wingman should be uglier than you on the handsome scale of 1 to 10. Ryan Gosling should never be your wingman. If your wingman  is or looks like Ryan Gosling. You should just go home and watch the Notebook.  Alone.  Again.


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