Denise Richards would like to send a shoutout to Charlie Sheen thanking him for going postal on his current wife. Because now she has a legitimate reason to creep out of the F-list celebrity grave and consume us with her thoughts and daily doings (her most recent Twitter on the subject:”Sorry had to vent s*** pisses me off day..I will spill my guts about EVERYTHING.”).

According to the DailyMail, Denise and Charlie’s wife Brooke Mueller were having regular meetings in Brentwood before the Christmas incident in an attempt to strike an alliance against Sheen. The paper is alleging that Mueller was asking Denise for advice over her impending divorce.

And seeking advice from a woman who accused her ex of exposing his penis to minors on the internet and of inappropriately touching their two daughters (she had persuaded their nanny to testify, although the claim was thrown out) can only mean one thing:it’s going to be one nasty, dirty war.

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