Do You Have An Addiction to An App?

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In today’s society cellphones have become so mainstream that we pretty much live on them and freak out when we have to go on a ride in the car without one. In reality we as humans have lived thousands of years without them, but it feels like we can’t. It becomes an addiction and a problem when you start spending money on applications for your phone and cannot pay your other bills. Many people get hooked on these multiplayer video games and don’t realize what a problem it is until they are broke.

What Are Other Issues With Addiction To Apps?

Having a major addiction to an app can cost you valuable time with your family. You know you have a real problem and addiction when you have to constantly check into your team or alliance and feel anxiety and stress when you cannot do it because of a real life obligation. If other people are also telling you that “you really need to get off of your game” that could be a sign as well that you have a problem. Some games do you consume an exorbitant amount of time and it causes real problems in relationships. The need to be a part of a team can overwhelm your real life and cause your partner to feel neglected.

It Could Cost You Your Job

If you are neglecting your family because of the video game or app on your phone, you are also definitely neglecting your job. If you are constantly sneaking off to use the restroom to check on your game progress, you may have a problem. You can also cause major mistakes at work by constantly being on your phone. If you have a job that is dangerous, it could become a life-threatening issue if you are not paying attention.

For those severely addicted, they may drive and play their apps

For the person who is extremely addicted to their phone game or application, using driving time to check on the game is something they commonly do. Because they have become so accustomed to playing this and driving at the same time, they start to think it is a safe activity since nothing has happened yet. It is only a matter of time however and something will happen. If this is you knock it off now and put your phone down while you are driving.

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