Well, looks like the dramatic, self-inflated cow found a way to get more TV time… and on Relationship Rehab, no less! They must be freakin’ desperate as hell to get these fuckwods on their show. I never liked Vienna Girardi and Kermit the… I mean, Kasey Kahl. Actually, saying I never liked them is an understatement. I couldn’t stand them! Reality TV whores, both of them.

But, enough with my rant; I’m sure you’re wondering… What’d she do now, right? Well, TMZ sources say that the couple went onto VH1’s Relationship Rehab to work out their ‘issues.’ Huh! Let me tell you something, Relationship Rehab: these two need a lot more than three weeks to work out their ego issues. Ugh… they disgust me.

Well, since I know that I’ll be unable to get through this story without bashing Vienna and Kasey at every turn, let me just regurgetate what TMZ said, ‘Former “Bachelor” winner Vienna Girardi ripped off her mic and stormed off the set of “Relationship Rehab” this week, TMZ has learned … after show producers confronted her with an ex-boyfriend.

Vienna and boyfriend Kasey Kahl were hammering out their issues on the show — but during a routine sit-down, sources close to production tell us, producers blindsided her … bringing out Vienna’s previous ex … Lee Smith.
In case you don’t remember — Lee is the guy Vienna was allegedly sending flirty emails to while she was still engaged to “Bachelor” winner Jake Pavelka.

According to sources, Vienna had an emotional breakdown and walked off the show — screaming at producers that she “hates” them. She hasn’t been back since and the show has finished shooting.

It’s unclear if she violated her contract by ditching the show early. Attempts to reach Vienna were unsuccessful.’


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