Early 20s And In Crisis

The real world got us hard for real! If you are at your early 20’s and you quite feel lost, don’t you worry because you are not alone. Our generation today is definitely way different from the past ones when it comes to life stages what’s in it. Today, crisis among early 20’s young-adults is not new anymore. Modern times gave us access to internet where we see the world in different perspectives. The web world is too huge and full and it has affected us in a lot of ways. Some are inspired with success stories they see and get a pattern of their goals. And some have become confused of what they want to be because of a lot of things that attract their efforts of dedication.

Early 20 and we’re in what?

Yes, as young as 20s, a lot of us are in crisis of what we want to be. If asked of where you see yourself in 10 years, can you answer? Most of young adults at this age do not know yet where to go. They may say it is too early to think about it too seriously but don’t you think you are wasting time when you know you’ve nowhere yet to go? Thinking about it does not also mean you are killing the joy of your youth. You can definitely enjoy while planning your life right. Success is not something you just come across the streets one day. It is earned. And as they say, know your goal and you are halfway there. If right now you feel like the future looks like a foggy entrance of the snow world, it is normal. Atleast you are aware and you know there is something important you have to find out for yourself.


Well, there are quite a number of reasons why first, crisis comes this early; and second, why you have to know your way and stop being lost.

Some studies say that technology advances the learning stage of kids so they learn earlier. There are kids who skip nursery level and some are accelerated. As a result, kids finish school early. Graduating from the academe early is like a hard throw to the real world and you bounce like a ball going freeway. If you are not in the previous category, you may be one of those who haven’t found their calling early on. And you do not want your efforts invested on the wrong things so you try to find you path. Why you have to stop being lost does not mean pressure to know your dream right away. It is definitely not an instant pop and it takes some process for you to know what you really want. It has to cross your mind to try to look for your calling because for sure you do not want to wake up to your 31st birthday without some clear life direction.

What now?

If you call yourself lost at the moment, don’t get depressed, no. It means you are thinking about it. And that is good because you are now evaluating yourself and trying to figure out your world for the next decade. Life is what you make it. Your thoughts and your decisions are powerful because they direct you. Your own YES and NO brings you to your future job, friends, and career. You are on your early 20s and there is no rush. Don’t pressure or overthink because you have the whole world in front of you. You are young and some rich years are yet to come. But it pays to start NOW. Start thinking, remembering, and leading yourself.

What for?

Why do we need direction? Purpose. Because it will one day ask us of our entire existence. Knowing your goal can be both hard and easy. Hard because sometimes we need to let go of some things we love for the one we love most. Easy because we are sure that it will make us happy. People aim to be recognized, awarded, and known as someone important. But above these, we

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