Education Is The Foundation Of Civilization

Can we all agree with the fact that education is the foundation of Civilization?

I mean it’s a no-brainier, right? It’ pretty obvious. There’s really no argument about it. Most of us really don’t consider this as an important subject, but it actually is a significant piece of our existence. If we look at it, we could also definitely say that we existed due to education.

Long ago, education was already a thing. Even in ancient times, there already existed philosophies and theories about how the world was created. Though it is not as accurate as what is being taught today, those ancient teaching have been the solid backbone, the foundation towards the transition from period to period. The lone existence of education was the thing that propelled us from different eras, along with various trends, happenings and phenomenon. In a more general standpoint, education is the one that molded the entire civilization.

In the course of history, the world has had thousands of cultures, race, and people, summed up to become different civilizations. These civilizations would go on to establish different teachings that are unique to themselves. As time passes by, most civilization has crumbled and later on diminished, paving the way towards a new era or learning and education. As we all can see, A civilization may perish, but the teaching and education that it has installed will be passed on and will continually exist, improve, and evolve, which would result in a new kind of civilization. It’s a recurring and continuing process that will never seem to stop.

From what we’ve discussed, we can already tell the education being the foundation of civilization, let not everything, is indeed a fact. There’s really no denying that anymore. The fact that education helped mold the entire modernization of the world, is already enough to conclude this.

If something odd happened before and education is obliterated from existence, then it would also mean that we shouldn’t have lasted this long. The entire population of people would have disappeared a long time ago. But thanks to education and all of its components, we have managed to survive throughout the years.

Just simply thinking about the world without education is impossible. The world without its core would surely die 100%. Education is our main engine for surviving. It’s the food that we constantly eat to survive this cruel world. Through education, we learn, acquire knowledge, live, survive, and evolve into greater human beings. That’s the beauty of having education around. It makes life a lot easier and more comprehensible to us, which results in us surviving through adapting to any situation we may be into.

A particular civilization before might have died, but the values and teaching that they made are still existing and is still being practiced by a lot of people. So, clearly enough, without education, things will probably be different.

Consider the tribes in an isolated island. Sure, you might call them uneducated, but think about this: why have they survived despite the lack of proper education? Simple. They adapted to their current state, and have established an education within their own standard of thinking, and lived through it. From that example, we can see that education actually comes in different forms. So calling these tribes uneducated is indeed a false remark. Every culture or race that survived, survived because of education. That is just one of the reasons why education is the foundation of every civilization known to man. It’s that simple if you really think about it.

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