Here’s George Clooney’s hot Italian girlfriend taking it off for the German Edition of FHM (December issue), only two months after she posed naked for FHM France. We hear her next bout of “clothes give me hives” will be for FHM Zimbabwe.

And if you thought her strategically revealed ass tattoo “Love is Pain” makes George Clooney an even luckier SOB because by spanking her he shows her just how much he loves her, think again. She’s an Italian with a temperament so this probably involves her holding a taser gun and a naked George strapped in a chair without a bottom…which probably means this one will tame him into marrying her after all.

Meanwhile, the Italian Media are going crazy reporting that the two have already decided on a wedding date before Christmas and that they might be doing it in Mexico. But you must forgive them because they must have mistook the “friendship” ring that George gave Elisabetta (which means, we’re friends with a ton of benefits) for an actual, semi-binding, engagement ring (which means i’m ready to become an alcoholic like Brad Pitt).

Here’s the pictures of Elisabetta from her French FHM photo shoot.

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