You might not want to think about it, but what if you died today.  Would there be something you’d want a loved one to know?  Passwords to bank accounts, email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it may be… somethings you probably keep private now, but you may want your family to have after you’re gone.  I know you could probably hire an attorney and draw up a will…but if you’re like me,  you’d probably prefer to keep things simple.  Ouija Boards are out dated and sometimes the message doesn’t come through just right, especially if someone is illiterate.  So anyways,  there’s a website that I found where you can set up emails to arrive 60 days after you’ve gone. You periodically would receive an email and you would let them know that you are alive and well…but if they don’t hear from you after 60 days, an email from the grave will arrive to mom.  Here’s a link:  Or what if you want to tell your boss to suck it after that slave driver kills you by making you work 80 hours a week and you died because they paid you in gum.  Or heaven forbid your last status update was about how you “Hate Mondays” or “Yay! I’m going sky diving today!!!!”… Oh the irony.  What would you want your last status to be?  Well guess what?…There’s an app for that.  It’s called the “If I die” app on Facebook.  What will they think of next?



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