Emerging Beauty Brands You Need to Try Today

There’s a ton of beauty brands that are going for sale in the market every day, but not all of them deserve the frenzy. If you’re adventurous and wanted to discover the new brands available today, here is a list of some of the latest beauty brands you can try.
1. Honest Beauty


The brainchild of Hollywood star Jessica Alba, Honest Beauty is her new makeup line patterned after her Honest company. Made up of organic ingredients, Honest Beauty promises to make you look good without plastic surgery and by using natural ingredients, too.

2. April Skin Cosmetics


If you haven’t seen how dewy and clear Korean’s skin is then you’re missing out. There’s a new trend that’s getting more and more popular in Asia and that is the BB cushion fad. It’s when your cushion is filled with cream-like product that spread through your face that gives 100 percent coverage. And one very popular BB cream cushion maker is April Skin. There’s a lot of rave about the product, so if you’re looking for something to hide your uneven skin tone, you must try this new Korean brand today.

3. Eau D’Italie’s


We’ve all heard of American brands, Japanese brands and now it’s time for this Italian brand to dominate the mars. Their products boast of heavenly scents that are sure to take you to places when you take a whiff.

The skin care line will pamper you with hand soaps, bar soaps bath salts and more!

4. ColourPop


This American brand is dominating the liquid lipstick market today. With their fun, flirty yet wearable range of colors, its easy to fall in love with the brand. But they do offer more than just lipsticks; they have amazing eye shadow and eyeliner shades as well. So if you’re experimenting with new makeup line, you can try the amazing formulations of Colourpop cosmetics. But be warned, most of the people who fell in love with the brand tend to hoard, so be sure you’re prepared to get a hundred lip pens and liquid lipsticks because you’ll definitely want it all!

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